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ABOUT US is a complete information source for airport, ground handling and related service company data. The addition of flight clearance contact information, an airline database and many useful tools makes this an invaluable asset for many airline departments, especially flight operations. has been compiled with the input of experienced pilots and dispatchers and is updated through a continuous process of update reports received directly from airports and handlers, as well as regular operator feedback. The aim is to provide you with the most accurate, complete and relevant data to assist in your pre-flight planning and dispatch operations.

The origins of stretch back many years. In the early-1980s, AC-U-KWIK began as a directory for business and general aviation pilots. The addition of an International edition in 1998 took the publication to a global audience and it soon became the leading publication for airport contact data. The publishers of the International edition, HighLine, also collected much more data than could be accommodated in AC-U-KWIK. Demand for this additional data, especially from commercial passenger and cargo airlines, led to the launch of in 2011.

In 2012, HighLine was purchased by Penton Media Inc. and was brought into the Penton Aviation Group. Close ties were formed with the leading airline magazine, Air Transport World (ATW) and the service was rebranded as Shortly after, Penton acquired Aviation Week and all the company's aviation publications, including, were grouped together as the Aviation Week Network.

On 2 Nov 2016, Penton was acquired by the Informa Group and the Aviation Week Network now forms part of the Informa Markets division.

Aviation Week Network - Publications

Commercial Aviation


Airportdata The largest internet resource for airport contact details, ground handling data and additional tools for commercial passenger and cargo airlines.
Air Transport World The leading, monthly magazine serving the needs of the global airline and commercial air transport manufacturing communities.
Aviation Week The largest information and services provider to the global commercial, defence, maintenance/repair/overhaul (MRO), space and business aviation industries.
Aviation Week Intelligence Network Combines program, people and company data with expert intelligence and insight to provide complete coverage or the global aerospace and defence market.
Aviation Daily Aviation Daily, from Aviation Week Network, provides the latest in airline operations, routes, market share, insight into what airlines and airports are buying, and the developments at top commercial aircraft and engine programs
MRO Edition News and analysis of MRO information from Aviation Week.
Aviation Week Marketplace Aviation Week Marketplace is where airline and MRO buyers connect directly to aviation and aerospace products, services, manufacturers, and suppliers.
ShowNews The definitive show daily that reaches decision-makers onsite and around the world during leading aerospace, defence and business aviation events.
Speed News The most reliable source for news and information for aviation professionals in the commercial, business and military industries.
CAPA - Centre for Aviation CAPA - Centre for Aviation, part of the Aviation Week Network, is one of the world’s most trusted sources of market intelligence for the aviation and travel industry.
Routes Online Aviation route development through events, media and online services.


Business Aviation


Acukwik The most accurate and up-to-date airport/FBO directories, first published in 1982.
Air Charter Guide The most comprehensive directories for the air charter industry.
Aircraft Bluebook The industry standard for historical valuation.
Aircraft Bluebook Business aviation owners, operators and decision-makers worldwide turn to BCA for market coverage, insight and analysis they need most.



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